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Miami Mission Team and Outreach

This week Riverbank Church had the opportunity to host a short term mission team from Calvary Fellowship in Miami Lakes. The team  of 10 arrived on Monday and began the week climbing Mt. Cardigan. It was a great time to get acclimated to their new surroundings and culture. Surprisingly the whole team made it up the mountain in a decent amount of time and enjoyed the beautiful view from atop the summit. From the mountain the team headed to Mascoma Lake for a time of cooling off in the lake waters and taking a spin on a tube towed behind a boat. Interestingly enough, there were several team members who had never climbed a mountain and even one of the missionaries had never swimmed in a fresh water lake before!  On Wednesday the team walked and prayed over several towns in the Upper Valley community. It was a great time as we connected with the community in a very unique way and through prayer, gave the coming days effort over to Jesus. Several of the team members agreed that this was the highlight of the week. Thursday was a day at the local outreach organization, The Upper Valley Haven. The Haven is a place that reaches out to the less fortunate by providing shelter, food and other resources. The team assisted in the maintenance of the grounds and served the Haven staff in various ways. The day ended at a local-fare restaurant where several of the team had their first lobster roll. The experience continued! By Friday everyone was in a groove and had become familiar with the area. We went out into the community and various towns to hang door-hangers in neighborhoods as well as hang posters and hand out invites to church at RBC. Overall 500 door-hangers were distributed and 1000 invites were given out. Needless to say, it was a busy day! Saturday was the day we planned for as a church outreach day (named Serve). 13 people from Riverbank Church and the 10 missionaries again hit the streets, but this time with bottles of water and granola bars. We started out in Lebanon around the green, and then on to the Hanover green where there was a parents weekend for Dartmouth College. We handed out all of our goods very quickly, and had many good conbversations with people from the area. While the teams were passing out the bars and water 2 other missionaries were standing on the busy 12A strip with signs that read “Riverbank Church Meets every Sunday 10am at the Opera House”. Lots of horns and honked and countless people saw the signs. We ended the day by swimming on Mascoma Lake once again and taking a refreshing dip in the clear cool waters. Sunday comes with unbelievable regularity, but this week would be different. The missionaries joined in the fray as the weekly RBC setup team gathered to setup the Lebanon Opera House for our weekly experience. Arriving at 6:30am the stage, lobby and kids areas were all set up and ready to go y 9am. The band (4 missionary participants) assisted Dylan Nicholas and the leading of our musical worship. What a great experience! Jesus was made more famous on Sunday and we were all used by Him to encourage others and lift Him up. What an amazing week of partnership with our friends from Calvary Fellowship. We look forward to connecting with them again soon and we are blessed to have a partner church made of people who get the whole idea of what it is to serve others.

To see more pictures from the week: LINK HERE


Serve – A Community Outreach

We have the amazing privelege of having a team from Miami in town all we and on Saturday July 24th we will be joining them in our community as we hand out bottled water and granola bars, put door hangers on doors, and hold signs on 12A in West Leb.
When: July 24 · 9:00am – 12:00pm
Meet Where: 85 Mechanic St. Lebanon, NH 03766

Outreach at the UV Haven

This past Friday we had a wonderful experience at The Haven.  A group of our volunteers prepared and served dinner for the guests that are currently at The Haven.  They made baked haddock, green beans, red potatoes, and home made cake.  The guests were thrilled.  They said it was the best meal they had eaten all week!  The event was both fun and rewarding.  It was great to interact with the guest, to hear their stories, and to see how they were getting back on their feet.  Our volunteers were truly blessed by the experience.  They were able to experience the blessing that comes from serving others for the Kingdom.  This opportunity to serve will be available every fourth friday of the month.

To volunteer for these opportunities, please contact

The Upper Valley Haven Serve Project

From Craig Skirvin, Connect/Outreach Leader, Riverbank Church:

On Saturday May 9th the connect team had a wonderful experience at The Haven Serve Project. We built a three bin compost station, prepped the garden area, lawn areas, and planted edible perennials. Our team was much appreciated.  It was raining and in the 40’s all day (brrr!), but as we remembered why we were there, it made us thankful for the experience. I met Laura, and she introduced me to Sarah, her boss. Sarah showed me around the grounds and explained to me what The Haven was about.We knew it was a homeless shelter, but she explained that it is totally community supported.It was an idea that the community had to start it and it is the community that backs it, financially and with volunteers.The Haven is not just a place for the homeless to get back on their feet. She explained that “For more than 28 years, The Haven has provided—without judgment, and in an attitude of loving kindness—shelter for homeless families, and food and other services to those in need, so that they may find encouragement to make positive change on their own.”She also explained the importance of treating the families with dignity.In addition to the shelter, they run a food closet that gives away about $240,000 in food stuffs to those in need every year.They also use the facility for such things as rehab meetings and counseling.  Child education is also an important service they offer to those in need.The Haven is very excited to have us as a partner in serving our community. They are all looking forward to our Community Day on May 23.
If you are interested in serving at our Community Day please contact me by e-mail at or phone at 603-359-6063.