Women of Faith 2011

You do not want to miss this opportunity to connect with women from our church, the Upper Valley and all of New England! You may ask, what is the Women of Faith weekend? Well, Escape from the everyday at a Women of Faith weekend and be refreshed, encouraged and inspired. Because the God who loves you can do far more than you can ever Imagine. Registration will be open through the month of August.

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From July 24th through August 28th we will not be meeting in the Lebanon Opera House. Instead we will be meeting at the Upper Valley Senior Center located at 10 Campbell St. in downtown Lebanon. There are 2 experience times 9 and 11 am. So join us this Sunday for a different kind of experience at Riverbank Church!

Communion THIS Sunday!

Often times we make communion exactly what Jesus did not intend for it to be, a tradition, a thing we do just because it’s holy. If you would like to listen to Pastor Chris teach Riverbank Church’s approach to communion listen to “Remembering Him” HERE .

This Sunday, June 26th we will participate in communion together during our morning experience.

New series begins on 6/26!

In this series, we are continuing our study through the book of Acts. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the word “compel” as “to drive or urge forcefully or irresistibly.” And this is what we are. As disciples of Jesus Christ, we are compelled to live for Him, compelled to complete our mission. Our lives are no longer our own, but we have a force driving us, no matter what opposition or obstacles we face: God’s compelling love; Christ’s compelling sacrifice..

To listen to the previous messages from our study in Acts GO HERE

The Valley and Beyond

Peter Bonnano coming to RBC on November 21st!

You do not want to miss this opportunity to hear one of New England’s foremost church leaders share from John 17. Pastor Peter is the founding pastor of Grace Capital Church in Pembroke, New Hampshire. Grace Capital is a multi-site church that was launched 14 years ago is continuing to grow and impact New England with the message of Jesus . Peter is an great communicator and gifted leader. We hope you make every effort to come out to Riverbank Church on November 21st at 10am to be a part of this very unique opportunity.

Read Pastor Peter’s blog HERE